April 16, 2012

The official move happened this weekend. You know-the one where you rent the Uhaul, beg your friends to come help, pack up every single last thing and vacate your old home for a new one. The one where your body aches and you wake up and go to the massage place to find that your masseuse is out sick. The official move where you miss your roommate and your husband more than you thought you would. Where all your stuff is too overwhelming and you're not sure you'll ever find a place for it all. The move where you feel more like a grown up than you ever did. The move that you're grateful for the people in your life who took the time to help (or grateful for knowing Katie because she's blessed with amazing and strong friends).
I'm just so thankful everything is under one roof finally. I can slowly start piecing things together now and even though the lack of curtains seem to be driving me insane, I know that eventually I will find someone to help me hang them (in my defense the windows are realllllly high.)
So I may be crazy for a little while longer but it's going to get done and come together wonderfully. I just miss Dave something fierce-he's the most important thing that is missing from the new place.
& I promise pictures of the new place as soon as it is presentable...

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