December 13, 2011

Winter Wonderland

                        {Whimsical upside down Christmas tree}
Last night my girlfriends and I had the pleasure of attending the Tour of Homes on Ft. Myer. This was my second year getting to see all the Christmas decorations for some of these houses, and they definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. We got to see the decorations of the Chief of Staff of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, among other homes. Each was beautiful in it's own way but the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's home is decadent. His wife is amazing and I'm in love with her upside down Christmas tree. I'm pretty sure last year after the tour I told Dave I wanted one. I still have a lot of convincing to do on that one, but I think one day maybe he'll cave!

{Me and the girls before taking the tour outside.}

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