October 24, 2011

Swiss Miss

Yesterday morning before my mom, sister and I headed home from our girls weekend together (more on that later) we got Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. A million little things remind me of Dave throughout each and every day and this was just another one because we love Dunkin Donut's hot chocolate. We would go there on the weekends before starting our day together. Since Dave doesn't have the ability to go to double D, as he likes to call it, I thought I'd send him his own little hot chocolate care package. I got him some boxes of individual Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa and on one of my trips to the pottery painting place I made him the mug he's holding above. Everything he drinks is in a bottle (water, Gatorade etc) so I knew he wouldn't have cup to mix it in. Now he has his own personalized mug and can enjoy some cocoa on those chilly mornings.
{And I would just like to say for the record what a good sport he is with taking pictures for me and letting me send him silly little things. I married THE best man.}

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