October 27, 2011


My friend Nicole and I discovered Soldiers' Angels this past summer after Dave deployed. Since I was already going to be sending packages and letters to Dave and my other friends I decided why not one more! Soldiers' Angels is a great program that ensures that Soldier's that may not be getting anything from loved ones stateside are receiving things. Their lack of letters and care packages may be due to financial difficulty or simply not having anyone at home to send them anything. With the motto "may no soldier go unloved" I was moved from the beginning and it's proven to be a great organization. Nicole and I both adopted a Soldier and have been sending them weekly letters and monthly care packages.
I received an email about adopting a military family for Christmas. With the holidays just around the corner I need to start thinking about my shopping list. For some of these young Soldier's, money is tight and it makes the holidays a little difficult. This program is open to not only deployed Soldier's but those who are in need of some assistance for the holidays. You don't have to take on a whole family if you're unable to afford it but a donation could go a long way.   If you'd like to get more information on how to Adopt a Military Family please check out their website.

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