September 16, 2011

Life Changes

For most family and close friends you've seen this picture before, sorry you're seeing it again but I love it and it was our wedding day! 6/16/11-the best day of my life. For anyone just coming on board: after a little over a year of dating Dave and I were married in a private ceremony. He proposed only 16 days earlier! Dave deployed in July and we decided that we didn't want to wait until he got home to get married so we tied the knot before he left.

We're a little over 2 months into the deployment and we have been married 3 months today! It's weird, time seems to fly by as well as stand still. I'm not one to count every week or every day that he's been gone, so please don't get upset if you ask and I don't give you a number. It doesn't mean that I don't care, it's that I mentally can't handle tracking it because I feel that when I count each week out I'm saddened by how slowly it seems to go. But when I don't track it and look at the calendar every once in a while, I'm pleasantly surprised to find 2 weeks have passed.
Dave and I are fortunate that we get to Skype almost every single day and now I found that I'm able to call him in Afghanistan on a DSN (Defense Switched Network) phone line from work! Thank goodness I work on a military installation. We talk, email, write letters on a very regular basis and it keeps us both involved in each others daily lives which is key. I try to stay busy and it's not a problem during the week but weekends tend to be the hardest for me.
We hope you'll keep checking back and I'll try to email this link to everyone every once in a while so you can all keep track of us, especially Dave. We feel so loved and we appreciate you all for being here for us.


  1. Wow! Blogs weren't even on my radar on that day :-p SO cool to see everything that's happened since then :)


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