June 26, 2014

Summer Bucket List- LINK UP!

I wrote here about my summer bucket list and have crossed a few things off but haven't made as much headway as I would like. Dave was gone all last week so when he's not here I'm unmotivated to go out and have all this fun without him. I love that Florida is hot pretty much year round but the summers here can get really hot. I still enjoy being outside but would prefer to be by the water with the breeze when we do go out. I have things I keep adding to my summer list but with our big upcoming trip I would rather save money for that. So I may have to tweak my list here and there. Below is what we've crossed off the list so far.

Add your link below and I'll be checking in again at the end of July to see how you're doing on your list!

Bound by Love


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  1. AH! Dang! I missed this! Can I do a post for it soon and link up then?? :)


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