June 9, 2014

another one

{Dave and his mom on Bayshore Blvd}

I love Florida. I love that my parents live here, that my aunt and uncle bought a house down the street from us, and that I have friends considering moving down here. And now we have our next Florida transplant in Dave's mom! She was here this weekend and we had a lot of fun looking at places, scouting out areas, and spending time together. It's always wonderful to spend time with Dave's family and I love how we get along. I love watching Dave interact with him mom as well. He's such a good man and does whatever he can to take care of his family and the people he cares about.

I snapped the pictures below this weekend as well. Dave is so funny with Finley. I swear these two just adore one another. The way Finley lays on his back with his paws in the air cracks me up and before I knew it there was Dave, on the floor emulating his pose. It was too cute.

It was such a great weekend with Janet here and we can't wait for her to be back FULL TIME in the Sunshine State!


  1. Oh my goodness, those pictures are too cute! I've been chatting with my mom about moving to Florida. It wouldn't be until next summer, but I have a lot of family down there and the warm weather is good for my health issues. I would love to live there,

  2. Oh my gosh stop it those photos of Dave and Finley I can't get enough hahahaha

  3. Haha!! Funny photo! So cute! I love Florida :) I was born there but my parents moved when I was 2 so I've only been back to visit a few times. Great state! Love that your family is there too!


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