May 27, 2014

Beach Week: snacks

I'm making it 
 here on Bound by Love. Yay!
Let's get a little sandy shall we*.

Dave and I have a pretty good system down by now when it comes to packing snacks or lunch for the beach. We usually bring the smaller cooler unless we have friends in town. The small cooler doesn't give us too much room for extras so we're careful about what we bring.

The most important thing to pack is water as it's easy to get dehydrated being in the sun all day. After water, I make us sandwiches: usually I have peanut butter and Dave has roast beef. In the cooler we add any other items that need to remain cold such as my cheese for my cheese and crackers snack. Usually by then our cooler is full and ready to close. With snacks like Doritos and Pringles I'm able to carry then in my regular beach back since they don't need to be cold to enjoy. I also always bring a plastic shopping bag or two for trash and if we find any shells on the beach. It's a good way to consolidate our trash without getting it everywhere or having birds bomb diving our beach bag. These are just the typical snacks we bring and I'm always happy and full!

*I actually hate being sandy aside from my toes in the sand. I hate the feeling of wet sand on my hands or when sand gets into your sun screen. Makes me want to scream. So YOU can get sandy and I'll sit on my beach chair with only my feet in the sand. ok?


  1. Doritos are my worst enemy. I literally cannot have them in the house. Someone brought them over yesterday and I maybe ate the whole bag........

  2. Oh what I would do to be sitting on the beach rather than at my work desk right now!

  3. Oh sea salt and vinegar chips, nothing is better at the beach... or anywhere really...

  4. Sea salt and vinegar chips are just perfect for beach days!


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