May 23, 2014


Dear work, Thank you for this extra day off. It feels great to sleep in (just a little-ugh Finley) and to be at home. Dear Dave, I can't wait for you to be back home with me today and for us to enjoy a 4 day weekend together. What fun we're going to have! Dear Finley, I'm sorry I've been uber busy this week, I promise LOTS of trips to the dog park this weekend. Dear Cassie, I'm excited to chat about our first week of No Other Gods Bible study. Dear Katie, you come to visit next week! Ahhh I'm so excited!!!!! Dear GoodReads, why won't you let me link my amazon book purchase to my account? It's so frustrating. Grr. Dear Yelp!, I just joined you and now I'm obsessed with writing reviews. And since I am quite opinionated I'm glad to help people out.

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