April 2, 2014

obsessed-my sisters wedding part II

It's midweek friends, just a few more days to get through before the weekend. So in order to inspire you, I'm adding some prettiness to your lives with another (and probably final) recap of my sisters wedding.
I think the reception at any wedding can make or break the entire affair. And this reception was so much fun. The pictures are a little out of order but enjoy anyway.
 This does not look like a good toss, however it did make it to one lucky girl in that crowd.

 She had an array of cakes which hopefully made everyone happy. I'm so thankful for Katie P and Nicole that went and ran to multiple bakeries to pick up all of the treats.

 The best DJ ever. He was so helpful throughout the entire planning process and really made the night so much fun!
 Umm I think the beautiful bride is jump rope dancing.....
 We're uber white....we shake each other's arms back and forth as a dance. Sorry America.
 I LOVE this picture. It's so fun. I love that my dad is making my sister swing like a pendulum.
 Father of the bride and father of the groom. I think they thought they were in the dance gang the Jets from West Side Story. If not, I'm not sure what the hell they were doing.

The best Matron of Honor speech (if I do say so myself). Just the right amount of shaming the bride, complimenting the couple, praying for their marriage, getting laughs, and choking up juuuuuust enough. Thank God my nerves stayed in check.
The end of the night for the newlyweds. This picture is hilarious, just look at Nate's face. Excitement for the night ahead (blush)? Or did he just realize he got my sister for life!?

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