April 15, 2014


It's so hard being back in the office after 5 days away. The Bachelorette Cruise Weekend was a blast though. All the girls got along, we relaxed, we ate (we really just centered everything around eating), we got quality time with da bride (a cruise inside joke), and just enjoyed not being connected to our phones.
{Freeport, Bahamas}
Our cruise took off Thursday afternoon and we got back to Jacksonville on Monday morning. Our first stop was Freeport Harbor. When we disembarked we walked around for a little and then decided to take a jam packed cab to Junkanoo beach. We enjoyed the day there before heading back to the ship for dinner.
{Nassau, Bahamas-one hat}
The following day we were in Nassau and decided that we just wanted to walk around the city. We walked the main strip where the stores, open market, and Starbucks was. We walked for a bit before ending up at the gorgeous beach where some of the girls got in the water. I was too freaked out by the mini jellyfish to go in. My plan was to lay out on the ship once we got back which worked out perfectly.
{beautiful Nassau-3 hats: w added some hats to our collection at this point}
{Me and the pretty bride to be}
{Fun group of girls}
{last night at dinner}
Every night we had fun dressing up for dinner. Dinner was by far my favorite meal of the day and we all took full advantage of ordering whatever we wanted. Oh 5 starters look good to you? By all means get them ALL! And we did!
{after the diva's show-a bunch of goofy girls}
The entertainment, when we could stay up for it, was really fun. We ended up seeing a Mo-Town show, comedy show, Diva show, and got cut off at Karaoke. It was such a fun trip and it was so good to get to know the other bridesmaids better. I can't wait for Tera's wedding in 18 days!!!!

More pictures of the cruise tomorrow, because let's face it I wish I was still there.


  1. Aw, love it :) I had so much thanks to you and all the girls! Can't wait to see you all again in a couple weeks!

  2. I wish I were there, too! It looks like you had a great time! So jealous!


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