April 8, 2014

can i borrow your pool

When Dave and I decided to build here in Florida we originally went for the first floor only plan with a pool and screened in lanai. Then talking it over we decided to scratch the pool for now and add the second floor since later down the line we could never add a second floor (HOA rules or something). It just made more sense to have more space and could add a pool later. Well our backyard does not look like paradise (like my parents) but kind of like a very sad playground with a lone hammock as the only swing.
But the funny thing is we have a very elite private pool in our neighborhood-it happens to be in my aunt and uncles backyard. After Dave and I moved to Fl, my parents decided it was time to buy a retirement house. Unknowingly, they ended up a few miles down the road from where our house would be. Fast forward to boys weekend in October when my aunt tagged along for some Fl sunshine and hang out time with my mom. She loved the weather, eating outside in October, and the pace of life, and could really picture herself here. But alas, there were no homes for sale that she liked in my parents neighborhood. Being the great schemer that I am (ya know for my plan to have everyone I love move to Florida with us) I told her about the cutest house down the street from where they were building our house. Well it ended up being perfect for them and they now own it!!! So Dave and my plan is to mooch their pool, or drive the 4 turns to my parents house for now until we put in our own pool.

I know you folks up north are thinking wtf is this talk about pools in April, but it's been in the 80's here and there lately and Dave and I are already talking about beach weekends. To me 80 degree weather is lay out weather regardless of whether the pool temps are too cold or not.

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