April 11, 2014


Dear Dave, I miss you, I love you, and I miss you. I don't care if it makes me lame because I've been gone a day and I'm missing you. I think it means our relationship is healthy and YOU make me happy. Dear Tera, yay for bachelorette cruise weekend! I can't believe your wedding is almost here. Yay for celebrating you and Nathan-but mostly you and your last days a unmarried woman! Dear skin, I'm hoping you'll be less white when we return. Don't worry I'm protecting you with sunscreen but it doesn't mean I can't get a little color. Dear open sea, there's nothing like relaxing on a cruise, with nothing to stress me out. This couldn't have come at a better time. Dear pirates, if you come for us, my only hope is its an identical twin of Johnny Depp.
Dear Dave, did you find all my hidden love notes? I hope you love finding them as much as I love leaving them for you. And I hope you love all the Paperless Post cards you're getting on the daily! My crime is loving you too much. Dear Paperless Post, I'm available to be your sponsor. Get in touch! Dear Finley, I miss your fuzzy face. When I get home maybe we'll try you sleeping in bed with me while daddy is gone for work? shhh.

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