January 9, 2014

e-ruff said

Because I can't come up with anything to write for today's post let's just take a few minutes to catch you up on just how stinkin' cute our dog is.
{afternoon nap}
{Finley and my Mom's dog Bella holding paws!}
We're now to the point that we can keep our bedroom door open for him to roam around in while we're home, so long as everything is picked up. It's also a good way to ensure I stay neat and tidy!
He's getting even better at the command Come now. He used to come when called 50 percent of the time but now (since we started rewarding every once in a while with treats) he's getting so much better.
He's turning into a great dog and once this puppy phase is over he'll be even better. I know I'm going to look back and miss these days so I'm trying to enjoy them while they're here despite the toilet paper, well any kind of paper eating, biting, and lack of listening. I really do love the little furball!

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