December 13, 2013


Dear readers, first thank you for checking in on this little blog of mine but I do have to say I'm a little heart broken that my guest post on Tuesday didn't receive any kind of feedback. My friend Cassie shared something that is personal to her and no one said anything. I'm fine when I don't get comments on my silly little posts but this one just stung a little. In case you missed it you can check it out HERE. Dear Cassie, I know people read it and I'm praying they'll feel moved to do something like what you and your fiance are doing in their area to help those around them. Hope you'll still want to guest post in the future! 

Dear Spaz, your wedding invites have been sent! I really feel like we're making great progress in wedding stuff, as we should since you get married in 58 days....OMG! 

Dear Official I hate Florida week, haha I got a kick out of it. Please hate away, I was in shorts and a tank top enjoying 80 degree weather while you were scraping ice off your cars (most with ice scrapers-some with frisbees and other household items-Christa and M.V I'm lookin at you!) 
Dear Dave, I love that we were able to have a lunch date randomly this week. I love that you're always  excited to see and spend time with me. I'm a lucky girl.
Dear Finley, you're a stud muffin. I love little moments like this when you just sit and take it all in. I'm glad I finally brought my phone on one of our walks so I could capture this.
Dear mom and dad, Dave and I are taking great care of Bella while mom's out of town. Finley and her are getting along just great, it's really cute to watch him copy her. Hope I'm sending enough pics to assure you she's just fine! Dear Dad, talking about all the food you're making mom makes me miss your cooking. Come to Florida already and cook for me full time. Thank you. Dear Meg, you come to visit in less than a week!!!!! I could scream I'm so excited. Can't wait to hug you and kiss on that little girl of yours.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I cannot wait to see you either!! AHHH :) I'm soo excited!! Hope you have a great weekend.. the next one you get to spend with ME! HOORAY!


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