October 18, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear weekend, oh man I'm so thankful that you are here. I don't know how this week got away from me (could you tell from the lack of posts?). I'm so glad to have this weekend for just me and Dave with no work! Dear Finley, did you have fun on your play date last night? You and little Rory sat still for .2 seconds waiting for a treat so I could snap this picture. I'm glad she wore you out! Dear house, ok we're all set. Even though we had a leak it's only pushing our closing date back 6 days which I can deal with. I think we have everything in order now with painters, new furniture delivery, and Army movers. Prayers that it all goes smoothly. Dear Army ten miler, I'll miss being there this weekend. Not that I ever run but I go to hold my friends stuff and cheer them on. GO GIRLS! Dear sister friend, I miss you. I'm hoping we can Skype sometime soon. And you have the sweetest fiance-he emailed me a sweet thank you note for sending you guys letters! Dear Whit, I'm so excited for you and your hubby! Dear Dave, come home already I want it to be friday night with you. 

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  1. AWE THANKS LADY!! and I'm glad to hear Finley is going well with other pups! :)


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