August 8, 2013

Island fun

Yesterday Dave and I went to Egmont Key, which is an island right off the coast of Fort DeSoto and is only reached by ferry or boat if you're lucky enough to own one. It's rich in history and still has ruins from when it was a military base which were fun to explore. Unfortunately the island is shrinking and will probably be gone one day due to erosion but while it's here I'm sure going to enjoy it! It's a hidden treasure that we'll have fun bringing our visiting friends to.

{shell queen // ruins// our set up // my pack mule}

 Egmont has got to be THE best place I've ever been to for finding shells. The sand by the water was all shells (which hurt your feet like a bitch) and I had the most fun standing there looking for shells. We thankfully brought our umbrella as it was hotter than anything out there and when we got tired of looking for shells and laying out we walked around the island a bit. Our ferry's Captain said that there were a ton of tortoises on the island and so Dave and I went out to try to find some. We didn't have any luck on our walk but then when we went back to meet the ferry to take us home we found one guy!
{mr. tortoise // me // Dave exploring // lighthouse}

 The left picture doesn't show it very well but those are shells and not soft sand. It was fun since obviously I found lots of treasure to take home!

It was such a perfect day to spend with my sweet husband and on the ferry ride home we even saw some dolphins and a baby dolphin! It was an amazing day and I am very very blessed.

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  1. Look at all those shells! I love them. I use the one's I find on the beach with a little sand to make candle holders in glass jars from the dollar store.


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