July 1, 2013


Today is my first day of no work. It's weird and I don't think it will hit me until a little later that I don't have a job anymore. My job as of right now is to get the house ready for the movers, to do piles of laundry (so sorry Dave-worst housewife ever) and to spend time with friends before we leave.

This weekend Dave and I kept it pretty low key. We had a great time on Saturday hanging out with Katie and putt putting. Sunday was spend mostly going through the garage cleaning it up and getting rid of things. It's mind blowing how much crap we own and hold on to. Next we're on to clothes, since we'll be needing most of our wardrobes for the few months we're living in an extended stay before the house is ready. So that should be stressful fun.

 Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Best of luck cleaning. It's actually one of my favorite parts, organizing all the husband's "crap". :) I feel so much better after it's complete.


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