March 11, 2013


This weekend was spent mostly in bed since I had a bit of a cold.  But we did get out of the house to do a couple of things. We walked around Old Town Alexandria and met up with another couple to try Pho at a restaurant down there. I was really impressed that Dave was willing to try something new, especially since he can be so picky with food. Essentially Pho is just noodle soup with either beef or chicken. We both decided to try the chicken one since we were already being adventurous. I found that the broth was really good but the noodles lacked flavor. I think I was expecting something amazing and I was a little disappointed when I got chicken noodle soup basically.  But regardless it was nice to be out and meet up with another married couple since we don't really have any down here.
Dave and I went to look at dining room tables on Sunday and we did just that. We stopped at three furniture stores in the mall and were out in less than a half hour. I was shocked I could go into a mall and leave with no purchases and not even browse clothing stores. I guess that's what "shopping" with Dave looks like.
Sunday Nicole and I went to Great Falls and it was nice to get out into the sunshine but we both weren't feeling too well so it was short lived. Although we did do some off trail climbing! It was beautiful out and I wish I had taken some pictures but it was so nice to not have our phones attached to us like normal.
Dave helped me make a present for my friend at work that just found out she's having a boy.  I printed off the elephant with my Silhouette Cameo and Dave traced it onto wood, cut it out, and sanded it down. I then painted it and added the stars. 

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  1. That elephant is AMAZING! Way to go Team Bounds!


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