November 19, 2012


There's this tradition we have that Tera, me, and my mom see the Twilight movies together. So, in honor of tradition, for the FINAL movie in the Twilight series my mom flew up here to go with us. It was great having her in town to spend some quality time with us. Dave and I enjoyed having her at our house and can't wait to see both my parents next month.
T, me, mom.

Mom got to spend some quality time with a bunch of "her girls". While we were missing a few girls it definitely was nice for us to all be reunited. It truly is amazing how having friends know your family let's them in to a deeper part of my life. I've always felt that friends I grew up with, and the friends who have spent time with my family know why I am the way I am. I like having my family know my friends and who I'm talking about and spending my time with.
I'm also truly blessed to have Dave get along with my family as well. Mom and Dave get along wonderfully and I'm really glad they got to spend more time together this weekend. It was hard to say bye to her today but we'll be seeing her soon at my Grams' birthday party next month.

AND this might was one of my favorite moments this whole weekend. Dave made a card with me. It was a mini craft session, and it was so awesome that he took the time to do something that I really enjoy. I've entered his card into the challenge I participate in, so we'll see how we both fair head to head. 

Thanks Dave, you are the world's best husband, I love you. And I guess I'll be playing some Call of Duty in my near future!

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