October 17, 2012

This one time a tv star stole my phone

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Detective Elliot Stabler (from Law and Order SVU)? No? Ohhh ok, it's probably because it happened yesterday. And it was awesome.

picture #1
My sister and I spent many summer days inside watching Law and Order SVU marathons. We always wanted Elliot and Olivia to get together and had a little love crush on Detective Stabler. At Walter Reed we get a lot of celebrities and politicians that visit to show their support to the Wounded Warriors and their family members. I'm not usually one to get star struck but when it's someone that I watch or really admire and love that's when it happens to me. And I act like an idiot, or I can't function. I think some shaking of my body was involved as well...it's what  happens when I get nervous.

Like forever many years ago we were at Warped Tour (yea I was a little punk back in the day) and we had the chance to meet one of my favorite bands Billy Talent. When it came time for us to get their autographs and take a picture with them I couldn't even talk. I made my friend Tera ask for the picture, and my sister curtsied when meeting them, but there I stood frozen smiling like an idiot.

BILLY TALENT...circa 2006! 
I would also like to say that bangs were a bad choice for me.
But I digress
Back to Stabler.

Picture 2, that's right! Better lighting. 
A co-worker came up to my desk and asked if I knew that Montel Williams was here, and I said yes and that I got grits next to him this morning. And then she asked me if I knew that the guy that played Detective Stabler from Law and Order SVU was here. I did not know that. And then I freaked out. I went downstairs with two of my friends and walked right past him and grabbed a coke, ya know to play it cool like I was really going down there because I was parched. But then my friend grabbed my arm and led me to him, and I shook his hand and then pretty much high tailed it back upstairs. Then another co-worker was going down to get a picture with him and I sent along my iphone so he could take a picture for me. My co-worker comes back without my phone, Detective Stabler Christopher Meloni took it and won't give it back until I come take a picture with him myself. Uhhhhh, now I'm even more of an idiot. Begrudgingly I walked back down and he called me out, saying I blew it the first time. He was a great sport and took a picture with me. Awesome moment.

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  1. That is a GREAT story. I love it when celebrities are down to earth and awesome. Like the time I rode in Harrison Ford's helicopter. Also, I LOVE that he came to Walter Reed for a visit. That makes him a bajillion times cooler, and he was already cool.


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