October 23, 2012

Army Ten Miler

before the race...he got a kiss good luck
 Sunday was the Army Ten Miler and Dave ran on the Ft. Meade team (where he is stationed). I was lucky enough this year to have Nicole come with me as my buddy since I'm always the one to hold every one's stuff all by myself. It was a nice change to have someone with me. My friend Tera and my cousin Anne also ran and had amazing times! These girls are beast monsters when it comes to running. It was awesome to see some of the Wounded Warriors that Nicole and I work with taking part of the race as well. A bunch of Warriors rode hand bikes which is so cool. We got a good spot at the finish line and watched them all come in. Thankfully Dave was dressed in red so he was pretty easy to spot. We were lucky enough to find him right before the race and and then again crossing the finish line.

The runners

The girls

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