June 13, 2012

{Picture taken on the way to the mailbox the other day. Daisies are such happy flowers!}
Continuing with the Wedding Wednesday post...
Basically everything is done and figured out (with a few changes here and there), we're just waiting on getting everyone's RSVP's back. There's still a whole month until the deadline for them so people have plenty of time but it's fun to see who all will be there. It's going to end up being a pretty small ceremony, which is perfect because we'll be surrounded by our family and closest friends. I'm nervous as is to walk down the aisle because I don't like people looking at me and being up in front of people makes me freak out (hated speech class) so having it be people I know so well will hopefully help.
I'm getting excited again about this whole ceremony. I go back and forth sometimes but I think 20 years from now I'm going to be really grateful to Dave for pushing me to do this. I think I worry that having this ceremony will take away from the perfect day that Dave and I had when we got married. And I worry that people won't recognize the year of marriage we're about to celebrate on the 16th. Granted it hasn't been a typical first year of marriage but everything has changed because we are married. Simple things have more meaning, everything goes through one another, and it's just a different outlook we have together. What I need to realize though is that it doesn't matter how others view our marriage because it's OURS, and we know what it is. So I'm going to look at the ceremony more as a celebration of our marriage and a chance to get to share our happiness with our friends and family who didn't have the chance to celebrate with us before.

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