April 17, 2012

Month of the Military Child

April is Military Children's Month.
{Look at that face---annoyed much? AND I'm pretty sure that's a mullet I'm rockin'.}
This is very important to me since I grew up as an Army brat. And even all these years later, that is one of the main ways I define myself. The Military community was my whole childhood-and until college it's really all I knew. I think all Service men and women sacrifice a lot and should be given all the recognition they get, but my opinion is that sometimes their families-especially their children-are overlooked. As an Army wife I get some recognition-I'm strong-I'm Dave's support, I'm a tough cookie etc. And although I'm not in this relationship for any sort of recognition (all I did was fall in love with Dave who happens to be a Soldier) I can't help but give my upbringing the credit it deserves. My upbringing as a Military Child.
I wouldn't change the way I grew up for anything in the world. Honestly, thinking about settling some place for 18 years makes me a little nervous (although not so much anymore because I'd love to settle down with Dave). As a kid my sister and I didn't have the most normal childhood, however it has made us strong, adaptable, friendly people. I'm pretty sure Katie and I could make a friend in .03 seconds, carry on a conversation with anyone, find some little thing in common with someone, and take on change with a fairly open mind. For this I am grateful.
So thank you fellow brats- your understanding and support have made all the difference. And to my favorite Army  brat, my sister-I love you so very much and you are my best friend (at times you were my only friend). I love that the strong bond we created at children has carried over into our adult lives.
*My mom also served in the Army and is working on finding me pictures of her in uniform.

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