March 25, 2012


Dave left today. I'm doing alright, truly I am. Of course I cried as we hugged bye at the airport but pretty soon after that I stopped and got myself together. Luckily we don't have much longer till this whole deployment is over.
Our two weeks of R&R were perfect. We got so much done, and Dave and I did everything we needed and wanted to. We went to Rochester and saw all of his friends and family.

{Us with my cousin's beautiful baby Ella}
We had a lot of fun shopping for new things for our first place together. I was glad to have him here for his input on the bed frame, bed, and couch. The man has good taste---after all he married ME! Then we went to Jamaica for a week which was AMAZING. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and worried about nothing for an entire week except for which water sport we wanted to do.

Dave especially loved sailing and we tried to take out a hobbie-cat almost every day if we could. We also took advantage of the professional photographers that would walk around the resort and take pictures of people coming in from kayaking, sailing etc. There was a sunset photo shoot we signed up for as well and we loved so many of the pictures from the week we had to order some.

Please keep Dave in your prayers as he travels. We're on the downhill of this deployment and before I know it he'll be on his way back to me!!!

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