January 4, 2012


Nicole sent me this a few days ago and I'm happy I saved it since this whole wedding thing has been something I've been struggling with. To be honest I've broken down a time or two, debating canceling the whole event, and have been less than thrilled to even start the planning process.
But now I can say I'm a lot calmer. I've figured some things out, passed on some responsibilities (my mom and sister were excited and more than happy to help), and am not going to sweat the small stuff. I'm going to let myself get excited about this ceremony. I'm excited because it will be the first time my whole family will meet Dave. It will be the first time that his side and my side will meet. I'm excited for his friends and my friends to get to know one another. I'm excited that everyone will get to SEE him in person after his deployment. I'm excited that people will be able to see us together. Not very many family members have seen us together as a couple. I'm excited because this is important to Dave and I want to share in that with him. I'm not going to let my insecurities of people thinking this is a selfish and stupid thing to do after over a year of marriage get to me. If we had had the opportunity we would have done it the traditional way, however the most important thing to Dave before leaving was to be married to me, so we did it the way we did. And I don't regret that for one single moment. I wouldn't change a thing. So this is us sharing with everyone our story, celebrating his safe arrival home, and introducing everyone to each other.
I admit it: It's gonna be fun!

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