November 13, 2011

This weekend I drove to Rochester because Dave's mom and aunts wanted to throw me a "bridal" shower. It was more of a get together to celebrate, since Dave and I didn't do this whole marriage thing traditionally. It was such a wonderful time and it seems like someone is always surprising me at these events. This time it was Dave and Makayla Harris with their new addition baby Blake. I didn't think they would drive all the way from Boston to attend.
We got a lot of goodies and Dave was able to Skype with his family and talk to everyone before and again after the shower. I know it's a blessing to hear his voice when you haven't in a while so I hope it made their day because they certainly made mine.
Sometimes I just want to kick myself when I don't feel the love and support. Dave has some of THE most amazing friends you'd ever want to meet. They are constantly there for each other despite the distance, busy jobs, and lives. These guys would do anything for each other and I'm so grateful that they have welcomed me into their group. I'm glad us girls all get along and have become close. I know we'll be in each others lives for forever, so it's a good thing we like one another!

My wonderful Mother-in-law. Thank you for all that you did this weekend and all that you do for me and Dave. I love you.
And thank you to all the Aunts who helped make this possible. It truly was beautiful and so much fun. I'm so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful family.

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