November 15, 2011

Pack It Up

The holidays are right around the corner-I know it's hard to believe, especially when it was 75 degrees in DC yesterday, but it's true. It's almost too late for packages to arrive in time for Thanksgiving unless you send them today or tomorrow but we can now put our focus on Christmas. I go with the week rule for my care packages to arrive in Afghanistan and I'm usually right on the money or a couple days over-so I prepare accordingly. However, the holidays throw a wrench into my planning as it takes FOREVER for packages to arrive.

{The boxes don't have to be pretty, no matter what they'll be loved}

I sent Dave a package today that already has some Christmas stuff in there. He'll get it about a week before December but I want him to have some special treats for when the first of December rolls around. To the men and women overseas who work 24/7 (literally) they don't know the difference between Monday and Saturday, and that's why I like to ensure that Dave feels different on Christmas day. In order for him to get the warm and fuzzies about Christmas I have to make sure that he has something to a late gift just won't cut it. The US Postal Service recommends Christmas packages for where Dave is to be mailed out by Dec 3rd in order to reach him by Christmas. Crazy right?! I know, but it seems like a lot of Americans remember the troops only around the holidays so they like to send things and then it takes longer for all the packages to arrive. Not to mention all the domestic mail they're dealing with as well. So allow yourself some extra time, get your shopping done early, and get those packages out!
  • If you want to include baked good and presents, wrap the presents so your Soldier can't peek but can still enjoy the treats when they receive the box.
  • For packaging home made cookies etc, I like to line a Tupperware container with saran wrap (leaving excess hanging over the sides), layer the cookies in, and the cover with the rest of the saran wrap, pop the lid on and they're good to go and should arrive fresh.
  • If there is a tradition in your household try to do something so that your Soldier is involved.

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