September 19, 2011


The thing about Dave not being a cell phone call away is that we're restricted to certain times we're able to talk to each other. We have set times he's able to Skype me before starting his day. Keep in mind he's 8 1/2 (yes a half!) hours ahead of us here on the East Coast which just throws another wrench into things. When he's waking up in the morning I'm going to bed. The weekends are great  because he can go to the MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) and we can "good skype" at around 9:15 in the morning for me. We call it "good skyping" because it's a better internet connection so we can see each other more clearly. He uses one of many computers so it restricted to a time limit so other soldiers can have a turn.

{Dave and I good Skyping a couple of weeks ago from the MWR}
When I'm in town for the weekend which is 99% of the time it's great. I don't start my day until Dave and I have Skyped and all my friends understand that. However this weekend I was at VA Beach visiting my sister and that presented a problem. For any of you that haven't lived in the Northern VA area, traffic on Friday's going South is horrendous so I chose to wake up early on Saturday and drive down. The dilemma with that is I either have to wait until after Dave and I have Skyped to drive the 3 hours or I wake up super early and get down there. I chose to wake up early so half the day wasn't wasted by the time I got down there. It was a race against the clock to reach Katie's place by 9:15 to get on Skype.
I got there at 9:30 and Dave had already called me on my cell. Needless to say I was having a little moment. I hugged my sister hello and pulled out my computer and logged onto her wireless network. Not the best greeting in the world but she's family and loves me no matter what. We both got to good Skype with Dave and my Saturday was back on track for a good day!

{You can't see it but I was put to work....I painted those frames and hung them, well not the third one-you can clearly see my sister Katie Mac is hammering that one.}

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